Customers love Starr Botanicals’ lovingly made oils, balms and tinctures. I receive complimentary feedback regularly and am honored to have so many return customers. Below you’ll find some testimonials of real clients. Feel free to leave yours by clicking below. Thank you!

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“As a first grade teacher, I often come home with tight neck muscles and a headache after a long day with 32 kids in my classroom. A quick application of Canna-Balm salve relaxes me and makes the headache disappear. I’m on my 3rd jar of this terrific medicine.”

Sally C.

Redding, CA

“I’ve been using the Canna-Balm salve for three years now. A small scoop rubbed into my sore calves and feet after jogging takes away about 90% of the discomfort. What a great product!”

Charles V.

Ashland, OR

“I have used this salve for over 15 years, and even accompanied Kayla one year on a harvesting hike as we gathered wild St. John’s Wort for her next batch. This is a great product. I use it for everything, and it is always in my travel bag or first aid kit.”

Shara G.

San Simeon, CA

“I tried the Starr Botanical Canna-Balm on my knees, hips and shoulders following a bicycle accident last year, and was very impressed with its effectiveness. I was able to get back to work at my busy chiropractic practice the following Monday. Since then, I have been recommending it to my clients, for muscle spasms and joint pain, all of whom are reporting good results.”

Keri B.

San Francisco, CA

“Canna-Balm has been a blessing to me. I have arthritis in my knee that can stop me in my tracks and nothing the doctors prescribed worked very well. Using Canna-Balm, my pain has greatly decreased and I’m walking much better again, often with little or no pain or stiffness at all. It’s been such a blessing to me and made such a noticeable difference that I now have friends and family who use it too. Highly recommended!”

Denise B.

Shasta, CA

“For backpacking, my partner and I pack Canna-Balm to ease muscle soreness. This balm had a dual purpose on our most recent trip, when mosquitoes were relentless. I had dozens of bites that were very uncomfortable before applying Canna-Balm. It tamed the itch in a few minutes, and the soothing effect lasted for a couple of hours.”

Sarah L.

Gold Hill, OR

“Several of my clients are now requesting I treat them with Canna-Balm when they come in for massages. Deepens relaxation and eases severe muscles spasms. Makes my work easier!”

Camie G.

Grants Pass, OR

“My massage therapist uses this salve to work out my tight back and hip muscles. What a relief, with no after soreness from all the deep work.”

Steve J.

Ashland, OR

“So glad I discovered Starr Botanicals Canna-Balm. I suffer from osteo-arthritis, especially in my hands and knees. The salve really helps me to move with less pain, and helps me to sleep better at night.”

Natalie B.

Chico, CA