Canna-Balm Salve

Canna-balm salve


Top grade organically sun-grown, high CBD cannabis buds and bud shake

Organic coconut oil

Hemp seed oil

Bee’s wax

Rosemary essential oil

Item details:

Bottled in 4 oz glass jars.

Hand made in small batches in the mountains of S. Oregon

This salve has been tested and used for 4 years by massage therapists, chiropractors, doctors and their clients and patients.

Starr Botanical Canna-Balm has proven to be remarkably effective in relieving minor to moderate muscular/skeletal and nerve pain.  

It reduces pain and inflammation of arthritis, strains, sprains, fractures, sports injuries, chronic neuropathies, stiff necks and tension headaches. 

Patients report improved sleep patterns when the salve is applied at bedtime.

Applying Canna-Balm to rashes and stings reduces swelling, itching and pain.

The salve is meant for external use, with no psychoactive effects.

The odor disappears within 5 minutes of use.

Coconut and hempseed oil is quickly and deeply absorbed by the skin.

Rosemary oil assists with relieving pain and inflammation, as well.

Cannabis has been used medicinally, internally and topically, for thousands of years, without any harmful effects.

These salve and massage oil products are made in small batches by a long-time massage therapist and grower, in the mountains of Southern Oregon. 


Apply ¼ to 1 teaspoon to painful areas and rub in, as often as needed.  Often 2 applications within 5 minutes will bring dramatic relief.

I appreciate your hearing back from purchasers as to how these products work for individual circumstances.

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“I tried the Starr Botanical Canna-Balm on my knees, hips and shoulders following a bicycle accident last year, and was very impressed with its effectiveness.  I was able to get back to work at my busy chiropractic practice the following Monday.  Since then, I have been recommending it to my clients, for muscle spasms and joint pain, all of whom are reporting good results.”   Keri Bernstien, San Francisco, CA

“I’ve been using the Canna-Balm salve for 3 years now. A small scoop rubbed into my sore calves and feet after jogging takes away about 90% of the discomfort.  What a great product!”  Charles Vandenberg, Ashland OR

As a first grade teacher, I often come home with tight neck muscles and a headache after a long day with 32 kids in my classroom.  A quick application of Canna-Balm salve relaxes me and makes the headache disappear. I’m on my 3rdjar of this terrific medicine.”   Sally Crenshaw, Redding, CA

“My massage therapist uses this salve to work out my tight back and hip muscles. What a relief, with no after soreness from all the deep work”.  

Steve Jackson, Ashland, OR

“Several of my clients are now requesting I treat them with CannaBalm when they come in for massages. Deepens relaxation and eases severe muscles spasms.  Makes my work easier!”  Camie George, Grants Pass, OR

“So glad I discovered Starr Botanical Canna-Balm. I suffer from osteo-arthritis, especially in my hands and knees.  The salve really helps me to move with less pain, and helps me to sleep better at night.” Natalie Baker, Chico, CA