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A family of fine organic botanical products for health and wellbeing

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All Starr Botanicals Products
are guaranteed 100% Organic

Made in small batches for freshness & quality control

Canna-Balmâ„¢ Salve
for muscle, joint, nerve pain,
and inflammation
  Deep Relief Massage Oil
for arthritis, muscle and
joint pain, and trauma
Healing Skin Salve
for quickly healing cuts,
abrasions, dry skin,
chapped lips

Cannabis Tincture
100% Organically grown bud

St. John's Wort Tincture
100% Organically grown and wildcrafted flowers

Starr Botanical ingredients are grown and produced by Kayla Starr, MPH, with 30 years experience as a professional massage therapist, and maker of herbal remedies in the mountains of Southern Oregon. All products consist of the finest organically grown or wildcrafted ingredients, and are made in small batches to assure quality and freshness.

Kayla has tested each product with her clients over many years and found them to be remarkably effective.